Public Speaking Engagements

Samples of Hephzi’s recent engagements include:

  • Association of Science Education annual conference 2020 – “the role of science in preparing young people for the future”
  • Nottingham Festival of science and curiosity, – “Doing real science in schools” 
    Wellcome International engagement workshop, – “engaging underserved communities”
  • BBSTEM, – “From industry through academia to business
  • Ghana – various
  • British Society for Investigative Journalism – Various
  • London scicomm symposium, “community engagement”
  • University of Birmingham, Public engagement symposium, – “community engagement”
  • Sense about science, “Standing up for science” – University of Warsaw, Poland
  • “Good practise in education” Charles University, Praque – International Biology Olympiad,
  • Evidence matters, “effective public engagement” – EU Parliament (with sense about science)
  • “Feeding the biotech pipeline with future skills”- Southend Tech meet up


The workshops are engaging and practical to leave you confident and fully equipped to communicate effectively with your target audience. 

Hephzi offers a wide range of workshop programs that vary in scope and scale to match your specific requirement.

Sample offerings include:

  • Getting started in outreach and public engagement
  • Planning and delivering community events
  • Designing your activity 
  • Fundraising for your charity
  • Effective social media campaigns
  • Writing grant applications

Curate your festival

Here’s what some of our exhibitors had to say,

“You’ve done a fabulous job again in delivering street science to Basildon! For the third year running, I was engaging solidly from 10 till 4 with folks of all ages, brilliant. What is SO important is that many of the visitors to our stalls were just out for a day’s shopping, but they were unwittingly drawn into what we were all doing and loved it. There are many science engagement events around the country (including the two I’m involved with in Cambridge, Big Biology Day and Cambridge Science Festival). These tend to attract an audience who are already “opted in” to science. The beauty of Basildon is it’s reaching a wider audience who would not ordinarily have engaged with such things. You’ve created a model which is transferable, and I hope it will be. My pitch to lots of the visitors was “If you’ve enjoyed today and want more then come to BBD in Cambridge on Saturday 5th October, only 60 miles and a full day of free, fun biology stuff”. Each year at BBD Cambridge I meet folks I met at Basildon, result!” – Ian Harvey

And here’s a video on what our MP had to say,

Develop and deliver hands-on science activities

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